Record more than one track

I was wondering if it’s possible to record more than one track and even select different input sources at the same time?

A college of mine works on a different way. He is going from protools (where the mix is in) > true al his software & hardware > then goos into another DAW (pyramid) to record and edit the master. What he records is version with and without limiting for example. Sometimes he will edit it, but pyramix is to hard to take it with you and do the edit somewhere else (yes this happens more than you think)

I never found an option like this to record more than one track at the time, but he is looking for this option to eventually buy wave lab pro if this option is possible.

Love to hear from you guys and thanks in advance :slight_smile:!

I always record my Cubase mix through outboard back into the same PC on Wavelab. For me that’s simply a stereo signal, but Wavelab can record up to 8 tracks of audio simultaneously.

I’m not sure whether recording from diferent interfaces at the same time is possible - it probably depends on the ASIO driver used.

Thanks for the reply Arjan. I found the possibility and I let him know so he can test it.

Interesting - am curious and a little naïve… :wink:

Could you explain a bit more about how you achieve this please…? Do you have more than one audio interface to achieve it - one playing back Cubase output, one for recording WL…? Or, the same I/F (just set up another set of inputs for WL to access)…?


(apologies for going off topic…!)

It’s rather simple and all thanks to the driver that my interface has. It’s a firewire card that interfaces my digital mixer (Tascam DM-3200) to the PC and it allows 32 channels of 96/24 audio to go to the mixer while at the same allowing different software to use the 32 input channels (of which I at this mixing stage use only 2). I could also record different channels in Cubase and WL at the same time, but never have a need to :wink:

Ah.! Ok, interesting - nice setup. Thanks for your reply Arjan.