Record multiple takes in Cubasis 2.5

Hello !

In Cubasis 2.5, is it possible to record multiple takes, using the loop record function?

  • On track 1, I have loaded a MP3 audio file, as a reference
  • On track 2, I’d like to record my flute playing, small parts of Track 1, using the loop function.

The whole music piece is about 3 minutes in length. I need to learn playing fluently, breaking down into smaller pieces.

I’ve tried the loop function, but it’s only “adding” to what I’ve already played. I’m after “a new version” each time the loop starts again.

Is this possible in Cubasis ?

Hi Ronnie,

Thanks for your message.

In the current Cubasis version, recording audio multiple takes works similar to a looper, where audio files are played back at once.
However you’re able to move newly recorded parts to a different track (e.g. a muted track), which might be helpful in the scenario mentioned.
We might add further modes to this behaviour in a later update in the future.

Best wishes,

I’m using Cubasis 3, after having used Cubase Pro for 15 years, and honestly, this behavior for multiple pieces of audio on one track is completely baffling. I had hoped to use cubasis on my iPad to write lyrics for some songs by punching in audio on one track repeatedly like I do in cubase pro, and that workflow here would result in all of my different versions of a lyric playing at the same time. Really a strange choice to have one track playing multiple pieces of audio without the ability to edit lanes of audio like in Cubase pro. It really seems like the worst of all possible worlds if you’re using cubasis as a songwriting tool and your background is a history of using Cubase pro.

Hi larsc,

Thanks for your message.

We are sorry to read that Cubase Pro’s comping feature is missed by you in Cubasis.
We will add your request to the list.

For now, please give it a try to add empty audio tracks below your recording track.
This option might be helpful, in placing cycle recordings to make a quick choice in finding the perfect take.

Hope that helps.