record multitrack simultaneoulsy

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I need some help. I use Cubase LE4 and I have a PreSonus audio interface with 4 imput, and I would like to record simultaneously 4 instruments, each one on an independent mono track (basicaly I want to record drums, 2 overhead, snare and kick), but I can not figure out how to do it. The most I was able to do is recording two lines into a stereo channel, but of course I can not mix later the left and right channel. I live in Argentina, so I do not have access to the technical support in the States, and the “local” representative does not really exists, so I would really appreciate any help…
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You’d need to set up your VST connections accordingly.
You’d want 4 mono input busses, each set to an input on your interface.
After setting up your VST connections, then:

  1. Create 4 mono tracks
  2. Change the input of each track to the bus that the instrument is on
  3. Record arm each track
  4. Hit record on the transport panel.