Record Original keyboard sounds to Cubase.

Hi all.
I’ve been trying to get the Original sounds from my keyboard (aka the ones it came with), onto cubase as I need my spefic sounds for what I’m working on. But.

I can’t get it to work…

It’s a midi keyboard, and the comp recognizes it just fine, it just doesn’t pick up my sounds from it.

I’ve used both Sterio track, and Piano track, both don’t pick anything up.

Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong???
Thanks if you can

Hi and welcome,

You have to add a MIDI track, which sends the MIDI data to your external hardware (keyboard).

Then you need to add an Audio track, which will listen the audio coming from your hardware. Don’t forget to enable Monitor to listen thru the track. Make sure the Line Out of your hardware is connected to the Line In of your Audio Device.

If you have Cubase Pro license, you can also make an External Instrument to manage all of this in one Instrument track only.