Record original sound from my keyboard

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Maybe a newbie question … But I want to know before buying.

Is it possible to record in Cubasis2 the original sound of my keyboard instead the sound of Cubasis’s instruments ? I have the Midi Bluetooth Interface Yamaha MD-BT01.
For example, Garageband can only record his own sound.

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I answer to my own question…
No possibilities to record the audio part on a midi track. The best seems to record a midi track and an audio track.

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Cubasis can be easily connected to compatible audio devices, such as Steinberg’s UR series (and other class compliant hardware devices).
Using devices like these allow to both record MIDI and audio tracks of your hardware keyboard in Cubasis.

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Can Apogee Quartet record hardware sounds into Cubasis?

Hi powerobject,

Would not expect any problems to do this using Apogee’s Quartet.