Record over track not adding new data, but replacing instead

I have a VST piano with the midi tracked out in Cubase, and when I go back to add to that track, rather then adding new note data to the track Cubase is splitting the track where I began recording and replacing everything it overlaps while recording. I am no longer able to add notes to a sequence of notes. Did I accidentally hit a certain hot key?

chk manual pg 102 transport panel, you need to adjust the settings, pg 120 i guess gives you answer.

Does this mean I could record a midi track, and then record the controller information and/or keyswitch information on a second pass and combine them together? Or is there a better way of doing this?

Dude, this is my modus operandus!

Being a drummer, I am not good enough at KBs to, say, lay down my Hammond organ track with perfect Leslie amp modulations at the same time. So, I play through once, laying down just my chords, then rewind and do a pass playing just the mod wheel.

You have to have your transport window showing “stacked”, though. :slight_smile: