Record panel - markers not dropping

Hello folks,

I´m testing the Drop Marker function on the Recording panel. Its not working. No markers are being created when I press the buttons on the panel during an ongoing recording (either by recording during playback or not)

I´m following procedure according to page 323 of wavelab pro 9.5 user manual. No markers get created.

I know this is a bug, because when I press “insert” the generic markers DO get created.

However, I can´t created named markers via the recording panel.

How do I fix this??

Are you using the latest WaveLab version? Which is 9.5.35.
The procedure is described in page 325, not 323.
Moreover, I have no problem here.

Hello PG

I´m on 9.5.35 build 152

Clicking on the Add marker buttons from the recording panel does nothing. I can add markers via the regular key commands (insert or Q then R, or Q then Ctrl+R), but the buttons on the recording panel are not doing anything

No problem here. I see no reason why it would not work. Please show me which buttons you are clicking on.

Here is a screenshot.

If you’re recording to montage track I think you need to import the markers to montage after recording the sound file. That works here. The markers are in the sound file but they need to be imported to the montage.

Hi Bob, I´m not at my computer to try it…

You mean that even if the markers don´t show in the montage, if I open the audio file from the montage with “Edit Source”, the markers will show?

Yes, that’s what I get here. I thought they would probably import to montage automatically if recording to montage track, but I don’t think they do.