record panel: record whats played back

hi phillipe,

a question:
why does the option “Playback Recording: record whats played back” in the record panel include
the post-processing plugin and the the smart bypass module´s settings ?

if i use the external gear plugin and want to record - and listen whats played back - i don´t want to necessarily record also the post processing plugin and never the smart bypass modules settings.

please advice!


I understand your concern, but the function does what it says, it records “what you hear”.

thanks for the quick reply!

I understand, its good that the function “does what it says” indeed!

But whats the reasoning to include all the monitoring parameters as well?

As you know, the only other way to record would be via render - and thats without monitoring, if i remember right?
Its been a while since i last tried that. So i would need to listen to everything after recording it.
Which is not an option with current mastering wages :slight_smile:

hey phillipe,

then how about adding the function “record master section output”?
before the dithering slot? for WL9 ? :slight_smile:


Why using the Smart Bypass plugin while you record?

well, haha, thats very true, but on the other hand: why record the smart bypass panel?

in the daily workflow its like: you treat the material, A/B it and decide “ok, thats it, lets record this”
then you hit record, type the name, and record. and forget to close the smart bypass panel or put it on C.
the record panel is huge so it hides also other stuff, and then you see the recorded file and realise that smart bypass was still on B with reduced level.

i think it would correspond - at least to my workflow - that the smart bypass is either integrated in the master section or a true floating panel which also stays on top of ALL other windows (it does´t in WL 8.5.2 OSX 10.8.5).

what´s genius is that there are key commands for A B C. whats not so genius that they are only active if the smart bypass panel is on top and that the same key commands are shared with other processes otherwise.

i´m open to suggestions, willing to learn new workflows, i still try to get my head into WL thinking, but its not easy also after 1 1/2 years of use. the functions possibilities etc are fantastic, but its not really intuitive, both workflow wise and visually. sorry to say that.

anyways, the smart bypass panel for me is a monitoring feature. why would you want to record it?


I think your remarks make sense. But technically speaking, there is no immediate solution. Hence I keep it in mind for a future change.

thanks Phillipe, looking forward!