Record PC Audio (from browser) into Wavelab Elements 9.5

Hi guys, my post somehow didnt go through, but can anyone please tell me how i can record audio from my browser (youtube) into wavelab elements 9.5 via my focusrite soundcard please?

Hi there

There is a driver called synchronous audio router that will do it, do a google search for it

Best Regards Dave


Hi luckyfabian,

You have a few options available to you depending on which interface you have.

If you have an interface with the loopback feature this essentially gives you inputs with without physical connections routable over your Mix Control/Focusrite Control software, thus allowing you to route your computer audio into your DAW wirelessly. If you have another interface without Loopback you can still achieve the same routing with a physical connection.

I’ll be happy to talk you through either process once you let me know what device you have.

Best regards,

Jack Lane // Focusrite & Novation Technical Support Engineer