Record PC audio stream with UR824

Hi! I want to do a pretty simple thing - I wat to create stereo audio track in Cubase, set-up stereo output, that plays sound on my PC (audio stream from music players, web browsers etc.), set this output as input of that stereo track and record audio stream.

I´ve tried to figure out, how to do this, i was looking on google and this forum for two days, but still have no solution. When I start recording, there is no signal coming into that stereo track. I was trying all outputs, that I can set-up in VST connections (MIX 1-4, DAW 1-8, FX Bus), I was trying to enable and disable loopback in hardware set-up, trying to disable control room, no difference. I can record master fader (stereo output set on master fader), when I set this output on track input and leave output empty, but I can´t record audio stream outside of the Cubase. I know, it´s possible, because before I´ve purchased UR824, I had Mackie Onyx mix and I can simply set one channel (DAW/PC out) into input and record, so it´s not impossible, but I can´t figure out, how to do this on UR824.

I was thinking about connecting stereo outputs with inputs on UR with cables, but i hope, there would be another solution.



research BANANA VOICEMETER, it’s a solution that works!

Yesterday, I´ve connected Outputs on UR (7/8) with input 7 and 8, set MIX 1 to output 7/8 and then, I can record audio stream from PC and browser and DAW itself, but it´s not comfortable, because I have to be carefull of feedback, so I have to connect and disconnect those cabels every time. Still trying to figure out software routing.

That what voicemeter banana does, it catches all virtual audio like cubase, mplayer or whatever you start at your PC and gives the option to record it.

Voicemeter accepts ASIO clients, just don’t install it on you DAW but on a second computer.

Strange, should work with the loopback function. Works fine with my UR 242.
I just set up a stereo input in my VST Connections, connect it with the first two inputs, turn on the Loopback Function and I’m good to go.

I contacted Steinberg / Yamaha support, because I cannot record the output from any windows app or system audio using Wavelab and my UR-824, which is pretty lame. Someone suggested I should use Windows Recorder. Its just incomprehensible to spend that much on equipment without the possibility to record system sounds or any audio output from my windows apps (without analog cabling and serious loop back concerns).

I understand this may not be an issue for many who use audio device and software mainly for recording external sources, but I find it awkward that I have to fire up my DAW every time just to record a jam session? Whats the point of standalone applications like Arturia’s Analog Lab, Halion, aso, if you can’t record outputs? By the time I fire up Cubase (which takes ages to load) and configure all the tracks & routing, my creative hype dissipates into technicalities! Sample off Youtube? Forget it, not possible! Record a Skype telcon, not possible. Record softsynth jam session, not possible! Try to record game sounds for referenceing, nada! Why can audio be passed within a DAW (VST to Cubase) but not from a windows apps to Wavelab? Am I missing something here?

For anyone trying to do just that, you may want to think about buying a hardware recorder! Unfortunately Steinberg’s Wavelab is a recorder app that cannot record system audio. What is also odd, that using the Steinberg USB driver in one app (player) blocks the use of the ASIO driver in another app (recorder)?!?!

I am currently contemplating the following workaround: In my standalone instruments app (e.g Halion or Arturia), configure UR-824 ASIO Steinberg as output (e.g. Mix 1 - Output L and R). In my recorder software (Wavelab), configure my onboard PC sound card as input (Using ASIO4all??). Connect cable with UR-824 output port to input port of my onboard sound card. Theoretically that should prevent any loop back if I thought it through correctly?! Its not the most transparent path, as the sound passes through an A/D converter and vice versa on the way back in.

Another theoretical option: Has anyone tried the windows audio driver WASAPI (not the Sushi stuff)? It supposedly allows for a loopback w/o stereo mix in Windows and can capture entirely digital (rather than converting to analog for playback, then back to digital). System sounds playing & selected for WASAPI loopback are all captured. I’ve read Audacity can do it (just leaves me asking again why Wavelab / UR Series cannot do it, especially considering the price difference = Audacity 0 Euros, Wavelab 559 Euros). On board sound device 20 Euros verses 849 Euros for the UR-824? If it is possible using Wavelab (and my UR824) I am all ears…

I switched from UR-44 to UR-824 thinking the pro version will not have issues handling this task, I guess I was wrong! Another more drastic option would be to sell my UR-824 and switch to another audio device which allows for a better integration between hardware and software. I am wondering given that this issue is not new and the new URs still dont allow for it, if this a “no issue” by principal for Steinberg, or can I at least hope that there will be some progress made regarding system sound recordings in the near future? Is it something Yahama could fix adapting its USB ASIO driver, or is this an inherent limitation in the UR Series hardware?