Record Problem (BUG?)

I’m having this problem:

  1. create a new project
  2. Create somes midi files
  3. record a few notes in one midi file
  4. open the score editor of this midi file
  5. come back to the main view

after that when I move this clip to another track the record bottom drive crazy…when you play a stop de project the red bottom activate any track and is impossible to work normally

Cubase 6.02 32 bits
Mac pro 4.1 SL 10.6.7 64 bits

I could not reproduce. Can anybody else reproduce?
Would it be possible to send a more precise repro?
Are you aware of any particular preferences you have changed from the default settings?


Hi, I trash the preference folder and I still have the same problem, It happen me with cubase 6 (.0 .01 and .02) in 32 and 64 bits versions. (I have only Mac)

Try this,
In any project add 10 tracks, record in three or more tracks at the same time, then open the score view selecting more than one track and after that when you come back to the main view the problem appear (at least in my configuration)
The only way that I have to solved this problem is erasing the track (it looks like corrupted) or trashing the preferences…
thanks for your reply