Record raw DI + processed signal with axe fx 3

Hello, having a bit of a problem trying to accomplish my desired setup. I am using a steinberg ur816c with an axe fx 3.

What I would like to accomplish:

  • Record the raw direct signal from my guitar
  • Record the processed signal from the axe fx 3
  • Hear the processed signal through speaker monitors
  • Be able to use my steinberg Ur816C interface to connect to the axe fx3.

I have a pair of adam a7x monitors, which are connected to the main L/R output of my Steinberg UR816C interface.
My interface is connected to my laptop via USB.
I have connected output 1R of my interface to instrument input 1 of my axe fx.
I have connected output 1 L/R of the axe fx to inputs 5/6 of the interface.
I plug my guitar into input 1 steinberg interface.

My expectation is that the raw guitar signal coming into input of the interface will go to the axe fx instrument input 1 via the interface output 1R, the axe fx will process it, return the signal through output 1 L/R to the interface input 5/6, the interface will send the processed signal to the monitors, and I’ll be able to record both tracks in my DAW on my laptop.

However, whenever I have this setup engaged, there is a persistent high-pitch tone that drowns out everything else - it seems that there is a feedback loop, and the processed axe signal, after going to the interface, is going back to axe fx from the interface, creating a loop.

I have tried to change the routing settings on the ur816c using the dpsMixFx but haven’t been successful. Are there any other programs I can use to change the routing? I believe I could fix my problem if I can stop the signal coming into inputs 5+6 from going into the output 1R.

I’ve attached a diagram to illustrate.

Here is an image for reference:

I appreciate any help with this, thank you!