record screen of dorico:no sound

Can somebody help :
I tried to make video of the screen and I haven’t sound!
When I did this with sib… software I use in it the output :Mappeur de sons + output MMe and it worked but in sibelius,I didn’t have these options?!
and Dorico:
Any ideas!
Best regards

This isn’t a direct answer, but it might be safer to export the audio, then join it with the video. It’s an extra step but not a hard one. That’s how I do it.

Hello Dan,
Thanks for your reply but it’s for educational video and I have a lot to do…so too long to re-sync…I have done like that but too much work
I can also export in xml and open it in sibelius and do like before…perhaps quicker?
Or perhaps if there are no other solutions, I will record my display with a smartphone
thanks again

I’m not 100% sure, but I would use the Generic Low Latency ASIO driver and in the Control Panel choose the internal speakers as output port. Then I assume the sound will get recorded by the screen recording software.

Thanks for the reply but doesn’t work
BEst regards

What kind of capture software are you using?

I’ve just tested here with the Windows built-in Game bar. This software is meant to make screen records from games, but it also works for other apps like Dorico. So I did as I said, in Dorico choose the Generic Low Latency driver and the built-in speakers as output port. Then in the Game bar settings window I ticked the option to capture any sound and that’s what it does. The recorded video then contains the audio from Dorico.
To invoke the Game bar, simply press the Windows key plus G and it will open.

Hi Ulf,
Thanks for the test !
But i’m must tell you (i’m shamed!) that the computer I use to do this is still on W7 so no Windows built-in Game bar.
The software tested was screenpresso and hypercam.
I tried with asio4all but doesnt’ work!

The SOLUTION finally: i plugged the headphones jack out of my Motu into a pair of analog audio input in the rear pannel of my motu.
Best regards thanks to all
Best regards

I just tried with Hypercam’s free Debut and it works for me. In Debut under Tools > Audio Settings I tick ‘Speakers’ and choose ‘MMDevice’, then start the recording and also here, Dorico’s audio output does get captured.

Hello Ulf,
Thanks to give me courage to try again!
In fact by default the speaker output can’t be selected, and stay grey:
but if i plugged a mini jack or earphone in my computer back side now I can select the option
and after I can record dorico via the sreen capture program (try sreenpresso less old school)
Only a bemol, my computer in another room than my screen computer so when I capture dorico I can hear any sound in live!
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I had this issue and this fixed it:

“Go to Generic Lower-Latency ASIO Driver settings in Dorico via Edit > Device Setup > Device Control panel and turn off the checkbox labelled “Allow ASIO host application to take exclusive control of selected port configuration” which allows both applications to play audio at the same time.”

Just use the xBox soundbar that comes with Windows

Thanks to all,
but since the time, I had found a good solution:
I use Banana Voicemeeter as Asio output in Dorico and in input in Snagit or OBS studio.
So I can even put a mricrophone to put some comments… With OBS studio, we can even put some delay to sound to be more picture and sound sync.