Record Send Effect When Bouncing

Hi. How do I record my send effect(s) when a bounce a track? Right now it just records it dry.

Record to what?

If you’re using an Aux send to add, say reverb…that’s never going to bounce along with the track. You need to render the aux…which is also going to render everything else sent to it.

It’s really kind of a bad idea…what are you trying to accomplish? I mean there are ways to handle the routing…but, I don’t really get what you’re specifically trying to achieve…

Well I just wanted to bounce what was really going on in the original track. But I had to just resend the audio to the reverb with the same settings. :slight_smile:

Use an insert effect slot, rather than a send?

That’s what Cubase is doing, since a send does not take place in the track, it is sent away from it. :wink: Send effects are used in a final mix, usually taking inputs from various tracks.

Send the track and the FX track to a grouptrack and render the grouptrack.Done

… or Solo the track (which will automatically Solo the FX return also), and bounce the main mix.