record snap - cycle mode (second post)

Now there was barely no response on my first post regarding this. This tells me that my explanation was not good enough. In this post I have added pictures.

When recording in cycle mode the recorded part always snaps to left and right locators (the cycle area). Is it possible to turn this off ?

Pic 1 - cycle has been turned on. The recorded event snaps to left and right locator.

Pic 2 - cycle has been turned off. The recorded event does not snap to anything.

Best - Dr Tolle

In BOTH pics SNAP=ON and it is set to BAR

Turn SNAP=OFF. J on the keyboard toggles SNAP

Shanabit. There is no difference whether Snap is on or off. the event sill fits to the locators. I have updated Pic1 in the original post so you can see it.

any other Ideas ?

Dr Tolle :slight_smile:

I think this is by design what you are seeing. When cycle is ON Cubase is assuming you will in fact cycle back around and do another take. I may be wrong but I dont think there is a way to bypass that .

The bigger question is why is this an issue at all for you? You can easily resize any event post record

It would be great if there were some way to bypass it.

To answer the question why. I am aware that I can resize events after recording, but specially when I have zoomed in and just want to record a little part then Cubase creates this long event. Then I have to zoom out resize and so on. Its simply just an annoying process.
Thanks for your answer anyway - Shanabit

More ideas please

Dr Tolle :slight_smile: