Record Start via MIDI Note

Ok. Someone could have very well forced me to smoke crack or something, but I’m pretty sure that I remember being able to set up cubase in some sort of record-pause mode, and then it would start recording right when it detected the first MIDI note being played. It’s been years since I’ve needed it, and I can’t seem to find any info in the documentation - MIDI Recording Specifics - but I may be looking in the wrong place.

Does anyone know if this is still possible? Can’t imagine they would go out of their way to remove it.
A referral to the documentation would also be greatly appreciated if possible.

Never heard of this so I also will be interested if someone knows if this is possible.

Regards. :sunglasses:

It used to be there but went around Cubase 5
It used to default to key 127 which gave rise to many support enquiries as to why on keyboard note was not sounding as I recall


Ahhh the good ol’ days. Bummer. I remember it working really well for me. Wouldn’t think it would be too much to implement these days. It was very useful, but I suppose the same end result could be achieved utilizing some combination of step record, loop record, and auto quantize?

You can set notes up using the Generic Remote to activate all the transport functions.

I considered that, but then that note wouldn’t get recorded due to it being allocated to a transport function, right?
SX3 is the oldest version I still have and I can’t seem to find it in there either. Maybe it was more of an external sync thing?
I definitely remember the words “Waiting for MIDI note” flashing somewhere when it was ready to go.
Idk. It would be cool to figure it out. Does anyone else remember this? Can anyone think of a solid/simple work around?

Thanks for the feedback.

But isn’t that… the point? :mrgreen:

I actually set something like this up recently. I used Generic Remote and had a spare footpedal I had laying around trigger transport Record (it’s just a MIDI CC trigger, but MIDI note would work the same).

Initially I thought I could open the Key Commands editor and play in a MIDI note instead of a keyboard command and it would assign it, but no dice. My brain is fuzzy. Did that used to be a feature in Cubase and it was removed? Dunno…

That’s what I am looking for! Please tell me how I can set up start/stop commands via MIDI notes. I want to assign keith mcmillen 12-step footcontroller to remote control transport functions in Cubase 8.

I find “Wait For Note” is an incredible MIDI feature that I simply cannot live with out. I would purchase Cubase if it had the feature.

For those unfamiliar, here’s how it works.

1.You press record;

2.The metronome sound starts;

3.You then start to play your midi controller whenever you want to, (typically immediately) (i.e you don’t have to wait for the count in).

4.The sequencer starts recording.

So the whole idea is to be able to start playing and recording immediately, which is ideal for impatient people like me.
As I might do perhaps hundreds of punchins in a days work, not having to wait for is a count in, is great.

This is one of many reasons why I still use Opcode’s Studiovision Pro for my demanding MIDI projects with virtual instruments hosted on a second computer in Mainstage.

I’ve worked using wait for note, recording a few thousand compositions for television working to tight deadlines.

It would be amazing to have “Wait For Note” implemented into Cubase.

If anyone would like to see this feature in action, let me know and I will make a video.

I remember “old” Cubase working like this also, and I am struggling to deal with the change here in “new” Cubase.

To start a composition I often want the first note to be at (or a measure-based offset of that) exactly.

I do not want to have to do a quantize or edit operation after each recording.

I just want the software to listen for the first note I play, put it on the downbeat, and “roll tape” from there!

+1 for wait-for-note. That’s different from a discrete key or midi command to start recording, so it’s not like the removed Cubase feature mentioned above. Opcode Vision had it, I think Digital Performer does too.

“Wait-for-note” was one of the best features of Opcode’s Vision sequencer.

I have never been able to comprehend why Wait-for-note is not a standard feature on all sequencers.

+1 for wait-for-note in a future release.

retrospective record is much better…