Record stop effect..

Hi all!
Im having difficulty achieving this effect with the quality that I need. When I hear it in pretty much ANY song, it sounds “natural”. However, Cubase 5.5.3 is giving me artifacts and distortion when processed, making it unusable. I STRIVE for QUALITY!. Im only using a mono vocal track of me saying “…shuts the fucking stereo down”, and ONLY the “down” is pitch shifted down to a stop. Though it doesnt really sound BAD, it isnt right. Its too robotic or something. I HOPE Cubase is NOT the problem and its user error causing this issue. I LOVE Cubase and have since SX 2! Since I bought by Motif XS, its been a NO BRAINER. Ive ran across a thread (that I cant find) some time ago about this very issue and they compared it to ProTools. Im wondering if the audio engine or whatever algorithm used to process the audio, is better in ProTools or some other DAW, than the one used in Cubase? Im not trying to start a war or anything like that, I just need to pull this off. I believe this shouldnt be a difficult task. I appreciate anyones time to respond and look forward to hearing ideas or work arounds or any techniques, anyone has to offer. Thank you

Thank you for the link! That would make it extremely easy, though I thought Cubase would have been able to achieve this without a 3rd party plugin. Another issue arises using this VST, I use OS X for all my music. So this would really take away from my workflow. I downloaded the VST just to have, but I doubt Ill be using Windows ANY time soon. AWESOME plugin though!! They should have a Mac version of this!

How did I know you were going to come back saying you were on Mac. :wink:

The problem with Cubase is that before C6, the pitch shift algo’s leave a lot to be desired.