Record the Cubase click to an audio track easily

To record the stock Cubase click to an audio track
I simply take a patch cable out of my headphone jack
on my Tascam US-1641 and patch it back in to a line input
on my 1641. I Assign that line input to an audio track
and record the Cubase click. I’ve been doing this for 10 years
now ever since my Cubase Le4 days. If Steinberg Cubase has finally
figured out an easy way to export the click to an audio track
in say Cubase 8-9-10 etc. for give me cause I;ve been away.

Thank you halljack!!! For us who don’t have newer versions or pro versions…this is a lifesaver

Hi everyone! I found an easy solution for recording Clicks in older versions of the cubase (9 and older) ,

First you must create an instrument track (like halion) and choose an appropriate sound for click (like percussion sounds)

Second you must create a group channel track and route the output of that instrument track to this group input

Third make an Audio track and choose that group as the input of the audio track

Fourth you must open the metronome setup and tick the “Activate Midi Click” and select that instrument you created in the first step as the midi port and set the channel to 1.

With this method your click will be recorded on that audio track you created when you activate both metronome and recording.