Record the output soundcard to Halion 6

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Anyone knows if it’s possible to record the audio output from my NI komplete audio 6 into the Halion 6?
I want to take samples from my media player so i can take samples from some movies.

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i presume it’s a windows machine ?
what you want is a combined WDM/ASIO driver.
There are a few examples of this:

my favorite is
it’s free from copy protection but it is shareware
the included asio part is quite a decent one and you can mix any soundsource from any location, including internet, mediaplayers, cd players, …

This driver/mixer sits between your asio driver for your soundcard and the windows sound settings and combines them, so there really is no need to recable the output of your soundcard back in to the computer. (see picture on their website) Just leave your drivers as is, and you will only have to appoint the asio driver as output e.g. as A1, and then you can take anything that consists of sound that passes by in your computer in to cubase.

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Thanks for your answer.
unfortunately this is not working for me.
I get no input signal on this software.

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come on… this is working on every windows machine i have seen without any error…

° usecase: you want your native external usb soundcard as main audiocard for windows OS and all ASIO devices.
° start voicemeeter, connect the output mixer (A1) from voicemeeter to your audiocard driver (it will blink red if you haven’t set up anything yet)
° change the windows OS driver to VAIO driver
° change all the asio stuff to VAIO AUX driver

Remember: voicemeter must be “active” to hear anything, and all connections (windowsmixer/asio) should be unmuted to hear anything.

For convenience. I use the banana version of voicemeeter.

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Why not extract audio using a video converter like freeware Video to Video?

Or you could enable your onboard soundcard, let the mediaplayer output its sound through it, and wire the output to the inut of your NI Audio.

Following Roel’s suggestion and instructions, I downloaded VB audio VoiceMeeter. Within a few minutes I was able to record directly into a CB audio track from a Youtube video and Windows media player. Great suggestion.

Oke thank you guys for all your help.
Voicemeter work fine on the Halion 6, and Video to Video work very nice to rip the audio from a movie.

Have a nice weekend.

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