Record Video to Put into Cubase 6

I would like to record my guitar playing and import the file into Cubase 6 as easily as possible. That way, I can reference the track when re-recording parts of songs.

I want to record it to a format that Cubase 6 can quickly use without having to convert the original file. For example, I currently have a camcorder that I use. However, it records in .mpeg format. Cubase 6 now won’t recognize that format for import. So, I have to convert it to a .mov or mpeg4 format. It is too time consuming for me. Instead, I want a camcorder/webcam that will directly record to one of recognized formats. Then, I can simply import it into Cubase 6.

Will any webcam be able to do this? If so, is there special software to use with it? Any other information is helpful as well.


Its really down to the software the ships with your webcam… I am not so sure you will find a PC based model that records to QT… but I could be wrong. Do you have any digital cameras that record video? Most of those seem to use QT natively.