Record VST Instrument to an Audio Track in Real-time (Cubase Artist)

Hi, hope you’re all well.

I’ve been searching the forum and youtube videos all morning but I’m not winning. Can anyone please help me with recording a VST instrument to an audio track in real-time?

Here’s what I want to do:

I’m using Cubase Artist 9.5.30

I don’t even know how to explain this in English, maybe that’s why I can’t find the answer on the forum. To make it easy for you guys to understand what I want to do please watch the video I posted above from 1:12 till 2:24.

Your help will be very much appreciated guys and girls (I doubt there’s any :laughing: ).

Bouncing and exporting will take ages for me to finish so that’s why I need to do this in real-time.

-Route the signal you want to record to an output, group or Fx track
-Select that ouput bus / group- or Fx-track as input of the audio teack you want to record to.
-Do not create feedback routings, otherwise it won’t work
-I think since V 8 or V 9 this should also be possible with Cubase Artist.

This is what you’re recommending:

It doesn’t work, is it because I have Cubase Artist?

I just tried it with Fx channel as well but there’s no option to add the group/Fx channel as an input for the audio track.

The Group Channel track is available in Artist.

This video shows how to record from VST to audio in real time using that track as an intermediate step:

Yes the Group channel is available in Artist but if it’s like Elements, and I think it is in this respect, you can’t then use that Group channel as an input unless it was added very recently indeed. It wasn’t there in Artist 8.5.

That video doesn’t play. It just shows a black screen.

Yes, the Artist version doesn’t seem to have an option to have a group/Fx channel as an input.

Does anyone know another way besides using group/Fx channels? Or I just have to upgrade to Pro version in order to be able to record VST instruments into an audio channel in real-time?

With Pro you can also Render in place which iI s faster, one of the best functions in Pro.

Failing this I think you’d need to go “old school” and use a lead to take the audio signal out and back in.

Probably that, or because you are creating a feedback loop.

I create an output bus, mono or stereo depending on what I need.
Let’s call it Dummy bus.
I set the output of the vsti to Dummy bus, and create an audio track with the input set to Dummy bus.

But probably a Pro feature.

I saw a video on youtube that explains what you just mentioned. Whereby you create a buss in audio connections then on audio device you remove the audio interface and choose “Not Connected” and set the input of the audio channel to the dummy buss.

Unfortunately it’s also a Pro feature, the Artist version doesn’t allow me to select the dummy buss as an input for the audio channel.

I really appreciate the effort guys, everyone who tried to help. It really means a big deal to me. Will upgrade to Pro in a few weeks.

You can still do it relatively simple, with a (software) loopback of your soundcard (depending on soundcard model)

Even Audacity does that, never had any problem with any soundcard on windows with all softwares outputting sound, I use it for sampling from various sources