Record "what I hear" from my Scarlett 6i6 (1st gen) in Cubase

Hello All,

Few minutes ago, I played some VST patches for fun, in standalone mode.
Found an incredible soundscape, modified a lot, added some FX… I like it !
Let’s go to record the audio ! :smiley:

…Oh, my Cubase is not started !!! Gosh !!! :blush: :cry:

What is the way to record audio from standalone VST into cubase ??

(I hate save patches, re-load in Cubase, find the good patch,…)

Thanks !

Dollismine = also hate routing concept ! :astonished:

Check your interface ´s manual if It has a loopback function, and if its driver is ASIO multiclient capable.

Hum, I’m afraid no loopback.
Thanks for your answer, I will bypasse the problem and change my workflow !


I’d suggest using Audacity (open source, free) for scratch recording. You['ll also be able to import files created in Audacity to Cubase (remembering to export to Wave files or other formats).

Also, obviously, save any interesting Presets created so you’ll be able to use those in Cubase Projects.