Record Window Preset

The Record Window preset doesn’t seem to save the Input Select status (Audio Input vs Playback’s Output), or the Monitor checkbox status. Could those be saved?

Not sure this would be good for all user cases.

I don’t understand. Why would anyone not want all settings saved? I guess I expect all settings to be saved in a preset, because I’m surprised when they’re not. And I was surprised when these weren’t saved. I would expect all settings to be saved with any plugin preset, and I don’t see the difference. Seems to me you make the settings carefully when you make a preset, and expect those settings to be the same when you reload the preset. But if the program doesn’t save all settings, you don’t know what’s being saved and what’s not.

My logic is that monitoring and the recording source, are a context that easily change, while the other settings are more steady. For example, you have set some particular settings for auto-start recording. With theses settings, sometimes you might want to record the external input, and sometimes “what is played back”. I guess you don’t want to have 2 presets with the auto start settings, one for each recording input.

Actually I would want 2 presets. I think when certain settings are selectively not saved in the programming, but not known to the user, or not able to be saved, that creates a problem much more important than if you want to deal with 1 or 2 presets imo. I expected both of the settings I noted would be saved.

Has this never come up before? Possibly there are other presets in Wavelab that don’t save all settings and I’ve never noticed?

I think both arguments (yours, mine), have some points.

I can see both sides, as well. Maybe the following will provide some useful feedback…

For me, I must use several DAW applications simultaneously to do my work. Staying up-to-date with the operations of them all at a professional level of competency is not easy. The current WL8 is absolutely packed with options and customizations; many of which are not obvious nor organized in a coordinated fashion. It is just too much to remember at all times during a project.

I do not use the Record Window preset because I do not always remember which parameters are recallable. Its just simpler to set it manually and avoid the confusion/aggravation. If I could rely on all the parameters being saved and recalled, then I might use this preset because I can predict what I will get each time. I would rather recall a known quantity and tweak a parameter or two from that point, rather than needing to review every parameter because I am not sure which parameters were actually recalled.

IMO, whenever possible, the last used settings should be saved. We are getting more and more used to this concept by smartphone apps and other software functioning that way. You’re not even asked anymore to save settings - just leave the settings page and things will be as you left them.

Thanks for your replies on this PG. I can see your logic, but even with your example of one preset it still requires that you change something (change external input to what is played back), and in my case also checking the monitor checkbox. Just doing that is 2 actions, simple, but still requiring a user change.

Switching to another preset would be one action. And it would switch to exactly what I want, and I can oftentimes assign a shortcut key. As it is I can’t make an exact preset for either way, or shortcut between the two. So it becomes more a matter of how many presets a user is willing to manage. In other areas of the program, even where all settings are saved, I’ve found the need to manage more than a few different presets, and I’m fine with that as long as the presets do what I want.