Record Window - Return Key

This is something that has bugged me ever since I started using Wavelab, and I have pointed it out with each version: pressing the Return or Enter key when recording, stops the recording.

This is mainly a workflow issue for us. Markers are entered while recording to mark individual pieces & the piece name is entered into the ‘next marker name’ field (The natural inclination after typing is to press the return key, but that will stop recording). In Wavelab 7 a nifty option was added: ‘confirm when stopping recording’. But that only works when clicking on stop.

Now in Wavelab 8, you can start recording by pressing the * key, and stop it by pressing the * key again. A nice feature, but it also ignores the ‘confirm when stopping recording’ option.

Again this is a very particular workflow issue for us and I realize it is probably not an issue for many other users, but could this be addressed: the 'confirm when stopping recording" option should function in all situations.


I agree the stop confirmation should come up in all cases. I will fix this in 8.0.3.