Record wont arm unless

My audio tracks refuse to arm unless I select AIFF as my record format type??? Why can I not select wav? no problems like this in 11?
Additionally… my music will not export at all. I just get the message “unexpected error”
I cant believe I fell for the marketing and upgraded from 11. I should have known you lot would use me as a guinea pig.
Why cant you just release a finished version for once?
There is always bugs in your new releases. Normally I put up with it but this time the release is catastrophic to my work flow.
Not a happy bunny.
I hope I get good support after paying my money to you.
Basil Simon -MOD EDIT: Phone number removed- - just in case you grow a very keen conscience!

So… Update: I opened the project I worked on in Cubase 12 in Cubase 11 instead, and it mixed down from there as normal. It also records wav format in there too.
Cubase 12 pro clearly has issues , please can you tell me when you will have a fix?

I am using windows 10 + a MR816 CSX audio interface


Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Ok… Should I disable all third party plugins?


Disable the preferences, as I wrote in my previous post, please.

Hi. So I did what you suggested and it then allowed me to arm with wav record format selected. However it still refused to mixdown delivering the message "unexpected error’. However… I discovered that Cubase 12 pro does work as expected when I start a fresh project in it. The problems I described are only occurring with projects I started in 11. Am I to understand I can not open older projects made in earlier Cubase versions? If so, that sux! The only other issue I have now in 12 pro is the fact that it fails to find two of my main plugins…konakt 5. And 808 studio. Both are 64bit? Has something changed in terms of plugin arrangement with 12 pro? Is it possible I need to move my plug in files to a different folder for 12 to find them now? I know I mentioned many things here but I’d really appreciate you commenting on each aspect. Many thanks.


You should be able to work with Cubase 11 projects in Cubase 12 the common way and of course you should be able to export the project.

Do you get a crash while export?

Make sure you have the latest update of the mentioned plug-ins installed, please.

Ok. Thanks. So… With all plugins disabled and preferences disabled Cubase 12 still reports ‘unexpected error’ on attempted export? How do we get past this? Re plugin updates; plugins are the latest versions. You didn’t inform me if 12 has a different plugin folders arrangement? Is it possible I have to move those two plug ins? Thanks.


The default plug-in folders are the same for Cubase 11 and 12. If you are using some custom folders the preferences migration process takes care about it (of you are not starting in the Default Preferences mode).



Ok. Thanks. So… With all plugins disabled and preferences disabled Cubase 12 still reports ‘unexpected error’ on attempted export? How do we get past this?


Have you seen this, please?

No crash on attempted export. I just see a message pop up… Unexpected error. And no, my Kontakt is 5. 5 I chose not to uphrade past that version. Also… The 808 studio is up to date but isnt found. In fact both are simply not found at all. If the plugin wasnt compatible fir some reason woyldnt Cubase state that rather than statimg 'Not found? ’

I did discover that when I start a new project in 12 pro and work with whatever plugins are available it will arm record with wav record format and also export as expected. My issues are only occurring when I try to work with a project started in 11. Why would my plugins work in 11 but not 12?