Recorded audio clip freezes after stopping recording in background

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Turn on Backround Audio in Audio options.
  2. Create a new project and an audio track.
  3. Start recording, then hide Cubasis (return to home screen).
  4. Open Cubasis and stop recording.

After aforementioned actions the recorded audio clip will freeze with recording circle still rotating on it. And if you create another audio track and successfully record something on it, when you tap on that first audio clip it will become just a dummy empty clip.

I’ve also tried this with MIDI but it works fine.

Hi Fomil,

Thank you for your bug report which has been shared with our engineering.

We recommend to avoid hiding Cubasis to background mode while recording.
Nevertheless, our engineering will evaluate the topic for a possible fix.

Best wishes,

I am having this exact issue with Cubasis 3.2.1 for iOS.

Hi piersw,

The steps above work fine in our short testing with Cubasis 3.2.1.
Please let us know the exact steps, to reproduce your issue.


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