Recorded audio cut short


I’m experiencing a problem while recording audio, wherein the audio itself doesn’t actually end at the Right locator when using punch out recording. This is using the iPad’s internal mic.

I think these screenshots will best illustrate the problem. Is there a fix for this or is it a known bug?

The recording modes:

The result:


I noticed the same earlier recoding loops using Audiobus


we will investigate this issue!


BTW, I’m using the latest non-Air iPad w/Retina display through an Alesis IO Dock II.

I’ve also recorded audio into Auria and have experienced the same issue, but to a lesser degree. Is it possible it’s an iOS problem?


Hello there.

We’ve tested both Auria and Cubasis out of the Dock using the iPad’s internal mic.

The results were the same, the audio was short of the right locator in both apps.

Also both show low flickering activity at the channel meter when input monitor in Cubasis, and arm record in Auria are selected.

This happens in the Dock with nothing connected and all gains off.

It also appears to be the same when out of the Dock.

I’m enjoying Cubasis a lot on iPad! takes me back 25 years to my Atari days, same size screen, nicer to look at though.


Has there been any progress on this bug?

I am running Cubasis 1.8.3 with audiobus, if restless guitar and ampkit+ but have noticed with iaa iMpc pro. The audio gets stopped approx 1/128 of a note early, causing the loop to have an audible chop between bars.

Additionally, when trying to correct for this by recording one bar over and cutting, I can not copy and paste the newly created audio. It pastes the “tail” that was cut off. I have to exit the project and reenter to be able to copy and paste properly.

Found this to be a bug when using looping. If you record straight through it does not leave a gap. If you record while looping you will experience a gap at the end of the loop. Also discovered that on occasion when recording in a loop it will crash iPad when it goes to save the take. Hopefully you guys are reading the forums and working on this stuff…