recorded audio goes quiet during playback

Hi, I’m new to Cubase but I’ve been loving it so far. I have 10.5 Elements.

I’ve been having a consistent issue with playing back audio ive recorded. It randomly goes extremely quiet during play back till the point where you can barely hear anything. It only happens for recorded audio never for any of the midi instruments.

I’ve tried increasing latency, updating my computer. Updating my audio driver and it still is giving me troubles. I have a Itrack solo.
It still happens when i use my computers audio driver so i can rule out it being an interface issue & it never happened on my previous DAW so it’s not a computer issue, It’s something in Cubase that is happening i believe that is causing this issue.

Please Help :slight_smile:

Thank You

Are you using one of the templates? If so, there are likely a gate and other effects running on your audio track, disable those.

I cannot find any unknown gates

In the channel strip?

Try on a new blank project.

Yes I think it works in a new blank project but how do I move everything I’ve done over to a new project?

As said you can just check every channel for effects and remember to check the channel strip as well. Also check group tracks and the output bus.
Or you could just export the recorded audio and import it to the other project and then don’t use the templates until you fully know what you are doing.

Okay so i moved all the midi files to a new blank project set up all the instruments again and it sounded good, then i imported the audio files again it randomly goes quiet & there are no hidden effects on this project. I recorded brand new audio in this project and that still didn’t work. It’s not my mic because it picks up the signal fine and works in other DAWS…

Solved it was antares auto tune. once i removed that plugin and moved to Nectar 3. it worked like a charm and sounds much better