Recorded audio is not in time

Once more about latency and recorded files files which are not in time. The performer I record is always late. After several tests via local LAN (a simple drum groove played back by the studio side and recorded through the vocalmike form the performers headphone) I found out that latency and the shift in recorded takes are less the lower I set the buffer size on the performers side.

The performer side is running a RME Babyface (old version), the studioside a Motu PCI 424 Card with an Motu 2408 MK-II.

Even though, the performer says that he/she hears himself a tiny bit delayed. So I did the monitoring on the performers side with RME Total-Mix, that has definitely no latency, while turning down the monitor on the VST Connect pro plug in. But all my recorded tracks need to be shifted a bit earlier.

I might do a mistake, but honestly, I read nearly all posts for the last two weeks, I doubt that there’s something I did not try. But at least, there must be something I did not try…

There was indeed a bug, but this has been fixed for some time. Are you using the latest versions on both sides? see at “Download sources”.

No, that was 4.0.20, I’ll update it and let you know, thanx so far.

Yep, it works with 4.0.43, thanx a lot, i appreciate this!