recorded audio is played non correctly

a recorded audio is played incorrectly, a crash or disappear completely when i was recording for example my guitar (7-8 channel/tracks)

Win 7 Ultimate x64, Cubase 9 PRO, Asus Z97 WS, Intel Core I7 4770k @4,2 gHz, Crucial Ballistix Tactical 32 GB, Samsung 850 PRO 256 Gb, Samsung 850 PRO 1024 GB, Seagate


What does it mean “incorrectly”, please? Could you be more specific?

Make sure, you have the latest 9.0.1 update, and also make sure, your all plug-ins are up-to-date, please.

For example, I wrote not many parties electric. Save the project. Then when the load draft (with FX’s) recorded guitar sound disappears, or play 2 seconds and disappears. When i reload the project there are other paths with VST, but recorded electro guitar is not contained. A feeling as if the sound loading by parts, not all or inhibits reproduction …