Recorded audio 'jumps'

I have an issue:

Using an iPad 2, recorded audio from any source (Audiobus, IAA, internal mic or CCK usb device) will often ‘skip’ out of time.
Whilst recording, the audio sounds fine and is played in time, but the captured audio in Cubasis falls out of time, especially if the recording is more than 30 seconds or so. It’s almost as if the iPad is struggling to keep up whilst recording and ‘misses’ a split second here and there of the recorded audio. As a result, the recorded audio track gradually becomes early (out of time) as the track progresses, rendering it unusable. I have to record the part in small chunks to keep it in time.

I’ve read on other forums and places on the internet that it can be caused by not having enough free space on your iPad, or having too many apps open etc, but this happens with me even after having 5GB+ of free space, closing all apps, airplane mode on and hard resetting my iPad, and in projects that only have 3-4 audio tracks and 1-2 midi tracks with no effects…

It doesn’t happen every time I record something, but the majority of the time with longer recordings, and especially when using Audiobus or IAA.

This problem doesn’t occur with other DAWS or multitrack recorders, so I wonder whether some optimisation is needed?

I really hope you can help, because this issue is the only thing keeping me from recommending Cubasis to everyone I know and from using it as a portable studio. I think the app’s great, but currently embarrassingly unusable for serious recording because of this issue.

Many thanks.

This problem seems to be a result of the latest update, it did not happen before, for me anyway. I’m getting audio jumps, pretty much every time the playhead reaches the start of (trimmed) audio region, even when only one audio track is playing, no MIDI,no fx, nothing running in the background, no wifi and Cubasis running in standalone mode. I’m using an ipad2 with 9Gb of free disc space, before the update to ver1.7, Cubasis was my go to app for recording and arranging. Now it is sadly broken and of no use. This is neither the first nor the only thread relating to this problem and i’m sure i’m not alone in thinking that it’s a pretty serious issue. Lets hope it’s fixed soon…

I’ve been having the same issue with iPad 2. I’ve posted about this issue recently. I have plenty of free space, using airplane mode, backgound apps closed, no plugins or fx being used,512 latency. After recordidng 3-4 tracks with a percussion track and guitars plugged-in directy, the problems start. The irony is; I’ve recorded more than 10 tracks on Garageband app with no problems. So I’m a bit frustrated at this point.

Hello guys,

Regarding the jumps:

  • Which iPads and which iOS versions are you using?
  • Did you close all other apps that are not being used?
  • Did you choose low waveform quality in the tracklist, 44kHz and 16-bit?
  • How much free disk space do you have left? (the more the better)

I am using an ipad2, ios 6.02. i have about 9gig free disc space. i have jumping audio with only 2 audio tracks playing, no MIDI, no FX, no other apps running in the background, wifi switched off, 44khz 16bit audio, low quality waveforms, Cubasis running in standalone mode AND in the Audiobus output slot at 512 samples, an empty Samplr program running in the input and FX slot empty. The problem for me is that whenever the playhead reaches the start of an auio region that has been trimmed, it clunks and throws everything from that point on out of time. It happened after the update to 1.7, prior to this i never got Cubasis to break a sweat. Loading up a project started before the update (audio only, no more than 4 audio tracks playing at once, lots of trimmed regions) and pressing play… unusuable and a bit distressing.

I have also been having problems. I am using an iPad mini, 7.4 iOS, 32 GB free space, 44khz, 16-bit, low quality waveforms, no effects, and no other apps running. I can’t play more than a few seconds without the audio starting to stutter. Hopefully this will be fixed with an update soon!

I experienced the same problem today.
I thought I must have done something wrong but I couldn’t figure what. This explains it.
iOS 7.4 on an ipad air with more than 25gb available.
All other apps closed and airplane mode switched on.
I was actually only dealing with three audio tracks and no effects which is a bit scary.

We need the confidence that our recordings (especially audio recordings) are accurately captured.
It doesn’t get anymore basic than this.
thanks for your attention.