Recorded Audio Playing back 1/16th note Off


Quick Question…I am recording my guitar heads through a Two Notes Captor (first time using this). I use a Balanced cable out from the Captor to Line Input on my Apollo Firewire. Everything sounds great while tracking…no latency …all is good. Also no problem with VST Instruments. And as mentioned while recording I am in perfect timing with the playback on my headphones.

However when I play back the recorded track in my project it is 1/16th note off timing from the original project. I then tried recording a DI track through my DI box and again same timing issue on playback :blush: Now all other tracks were imported in from a prior session except for the tracks Im recording obviously. The sessions are same sample rates rates etc… I have no idea why this is happening. It seemed to have just started last night. I dont know if it has something to do with the Captor but that doesnt seem like it would be the issue.

Im going to work on this a bit tonight but just curious if anyone else had this issue, knows how to fix it or some suggestions for things to look for.

All help appreciated as usual.

Mike Pelle

I saw something similar last week when working on an old (originally Cubase 6) project. I created new tracks by copying old ones and then deleting the Audio from them just as a quick way of having the same Plugins. Recording into these tracks went fine but when I played these recordings back there was a noticeable delay. Don’t know if it was 1/16 but could have been.

I “cured” it by creating completely new tracks for the new recordings rather than recycling from old ones. I still don’t know what caused it and admit I’d almost forgotten about it until I saw your post.

Thanks for the response. Yes set up a new track last night and the recording and playback went fine. So all looks back to normal for now…