Recorded files disappear when not written in montage data folder


Situation (on Mac):

Create new Montage
Go to “File properties for recording” on your recording track in montage
“Custom File Properties” is selected by default. You can name the file and it’s automatically placed in a folder in a “/private/var/folders” directory by default.
Select “record enable”
Record some files
Save montage
Exit montage
Reload montage - all files recorded into the “/private/var/folders” directory have now disappeared with no option to recover.

I appreciate best practice is to tick “write audio file in the Montage Data Folder” before doing anything but this is not selected by default. This seems a very easy way to loose a load of work. Indeed, it happened to me today.



I think the temporary folder is there or ?
and click on folder to find temp files

regards S-EH


My Wavelab defaulted to storing temporary folders/files in a “/private/var/folders” directory. These folders/files are deleted when you exit Wavelab. At least on my system. I have relocated my temporary file folders to a more sensible location and the files now stay where they should.

Saving the audio in the “Montage Data Folder” should definitely be the default always, and you should have to try hard to deviate from that.