Recorded in 44.1, but because a flaw in Cubase it was assigned with 48 khz properties

I started a project for recording old stuff from a minidisc for one of my friends. I started the project, as I usely does, in “Project Set up” at 48 khz.
I’ve got a message, that there was a flaw, so i could not elect 48, but 44.1 was ok - so I thought.
We recorded hours of music and then we started to chop the recordings up pr tune and exported it as mp3 files.
At the end I saw, that the project still read 48 and my soundcard read 44.1. We checked the mp3 and the tempo and the pitch, was to high.
I’ve tried “Timestrech”, but the soundquality gets to bad.
Does anybody have a suggestion how I can save the material???
Kind regards B V

Use Direct Offline Processing → Pitch Shift.
In the dialog use the Envelope (but don’t draw in any envelope) and make sure that “Time Correction” is not ticked.
The result is as if you use a tape machine. Pitch will change, so will the tempo. That yields the best sonic quality. If you don’t want the tempo to change, tick the Time Correction box and try the different algorithms. MPEX is only available there but not in the project window, you might wanna give that a try.

Now somebody has to do the math which settings to enter for the tuning. It ought to be around a semi tone.

Hi, have you checked the “project/project setup” menu. The “record file format” might be set to 48kHz. Had this problem a few weeks ago and it drove me nuts until I found out about this. Hope this helps.

I’m still seeing issues with sample rates as detailed in my earlier post.