Recorded MIDI does not seem to be reaching MiniBrute

Hi all,
probably something silly that I’m missing.

I’ve set my mini-brute to midi ch3 (tx and rx) and have recorded a baseline into Cubase 8.5. I can see that the data has recorded. When I attempt to play back I get zilch from the brute. I would expect to see the Envelope lights illuminate on the Synth as the notes are played from cubase but Alas nothing.

The midi track is set to ‘3’ in Cubase also.

In device setup in cubase ‘In’ is definitely enabled for the brute. However, looking at the ‘OUT’ I see ‘Inactive’ as the state for both MiniBrute and MiniBrute interface. Presumably this is why ? I cannot change this. I can remove the ‘visible’ check from then checkbox but I cannot change to port to ‘active’ within cubase.
Screenshot 2019-08-26 at 18.54.28.png
I have restarted both the synth and cubase.

Does anybody have any ideas what is going on ???

Many thanks.


„Inactive“ Ports mean they are not connected (used) in the project.

Thanks for the reply.
Do you have any pointers for me in order to get the recorded MIDI info to play back the notes on the MiniBrute?

As mentioned they are recorded into cubase but even though the track is set to midi ch 3 and the brute is set to tx and rx on ch3 they do not play back.

I was guessing that this was due to “out” showing as inactive. I have no idea why this would be as I (think) it needs to be active to send the midi notes back? or is this not the case? - I just need it to play the notes back that it recorded. I have no idea why it does not play back.