Recorded MIDI region set to 0 in length.

If I try to record a MIDI-track while loop is on, Cubase will adjust the length of my newly recorded MIDI-region to 0 when i stop recording, effectively rendering it invisible, unless I mark it with the ‘Object Selection’ tool.

If I then use the info lines ‘Length’ box to increase the length, the recorded MIDI-data becomes visible in the emerging MIDI-region, so the data has clearly been recorded and saved, the program just decides to adjust the length of this region to 0, sitting neatly at the startpoint of my recording.

If I turn loop off, I can easily record and instantly view any MIDI-data, but this is an increasingly irritating bug.

Have I overlooked a detail in the setup of my version of Cubase, or is it a known bug? Do you have a “consistently” working work-around that doesn’t require me to turn loop on and off all the time. Loop-mode is quite helpful in getting that one good take, but it throws a spanner in my workflow-wheel if I have to find and enlarge the region everytime I’ve recorded something.

Kind regards