recorded midi: timing issues with vst soft synths

hello everone,
i have these midi timing issues when i record midi via an usb keyboard playing any vst soft synth instrument… it’s audio and midi that gives the playback…
i have to drag all recorded midi notes to the right… seems it has been recorded too early… it’s such a big latenz i even don’t have when i record audio…
i word on a i7 daw with rme multiface ii… so i don’t think it’s a ressource issue…

does anyone know how to fix this?
thanks and best regards,

Is use midi timestamp checked? Devices>Device Setup>MIDI > MIDI Port Setup

It doesn’t seem likely, but maybe it’s related to delay compensation. If you have enabled it for recording/playing live, you should disable it for playback. Make sure the button with the clock icon at the top left-hand corner of your project window is disabled. Also, check to see that the individual track’s delay parameter is at 0.