Recorded MIDI timing never correct

I always thought it’s my playing that’s off, due to naturally compensating for millisecond latencies, until I tried presonus studio one recently and found that my playing was very accurate in studio one, even on larger projects with buffer sizes of 512 and 1024.

In cubase it’s always off by some of the notes being slightly early and others about 1/16th or 1/8th too early. I always, after quantizing, have to move notes around to correct positions.

I have the same problem.
I never know exactly what I need to do.
For instance, do I have to manage setting if I record in differents buffers sizes?
For instance, I like to record at 96khz at 64 buffer size, do I have to manage some setting in “preferences” to adjust latency if exchange for 128 ou 256, or 48khz 64ms.

In preferences we what high normal and low latency, but we also have “always compensate latency”, “pre-load recording”, Delay compensation, VSTi (different settings?) , and so on.

It’s hard to get a perfect setting… Specially if you have others external MIDI devices that depends on synchronization, and you don’t know if you synchronize them with clock or time is better…

I’m sure it’s a Cubase specific problem. Since in Presonus Studio One I haven’t experienced this issue at all. Yes the notes were a little off grid which is normal for human playing, but not as off as it always happenes in Cubase

Any workarounds ?

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Any help appreciated

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Yea a lot of time gets taken away from actual music making, into fixing the timing of recorded notes

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Never had real issues concerning this, but just an idea as it came : I remember that some issues more or less related, several Cubase versions ago, were related to the Use system timestamp for 'Windows MIDI Inputs and Use system timestamp for ‘Direct music’ Inputs parameters, reachable in the Studio setup>MIDI port setup window pane.

Activating or deactivating one or both often allowed to solve them, depending on the system used. Maybe worth a check… :thinking:

EDIT - Could be a helpful link : Steinberg helpcenter - MIDI issues on Windows

I had this problem a while back. And I managed to find a cure.

The thing that made the difference was that I went into the Midi Port Setup in the device setup and pressed the Reset button.