Recorded MIDI too early when played back

Okay, I have been having this problem for many years and never found a solution for it. When I record MIDI (Groove Agent etc), it sounds great when I hear the sound being monitored. But when I play it back it sounds completely off and the recorded notes are placed to early. While testing this problem again today I even noticed that the midi notes get placed earlier and earlier as the recording proceeds.

Being a Cubase user for over 2 decades I have always took this for granted. Learning a new DAW never was an option as I kept releasing music on a regular. But ever since Cubase 12 I am experiencing so many crashes and bugs that I am seriously considering taking a break and learn a new DAW that is more steady and doesn’t have this stupid MIDI problem.

From what I read online is that this problem has been around for many year, Steinberg is aware but just can’t (or won’t) fix it.

So my big question is, why does Cubase record MIDI notes too early and how can this be fixed.