Recorded Script doesn't close Jump Bar after UI.ShowJumpBar

I have recorded/edited a simple Script to play from a desired location as if it were a sticky-play-cursor (one of my long wishlisted features), which uses the Jump bar to go to the desired play location before Play. It works but the problem is that the Jump window stays open during/after the script and needs to be manually closed with Esc or manually clicking or other methods. How do I close it from the Script? Shouldn’t it close itself automatically after jumping? I added UI.Escape but it did not close it. Recording these actions as a script does not itself record a mechanism of closing it. Various other script window commands also didn’t close it.

The script:

  • jump to rehearsal mark
  • Play from this location

local app=DoApp.DoApp()

You don’t need to show the jump bar in this script. Remove the UI.ShowJumpBar line and the UI.Escape lines from your script.

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Ok. That works. Dorico recorded that line itself. So, if it improper, or unnecessary, then it shouldnt be recorded. I guess there is no documentation reference for scripting yet. Maybe something unofficial could be posted.

I have found a few other script recording situations where an action I need to take to access a command, such as a popover or the Jump Bar, is not needed by the script itself.