Recorded track plays later than recorded

Hello. I have this weird bug that happens every once in a while and I’m not sure what causes it, or how to fix it. I’ll explain:

1: I hit record and play a guitar part.

2: I stop the recording

3: The audio has been recorded from the starting point, but the guitar now starts a few seconds after it’s supposed to and is not in time with the rest of the music. It’s almost like someone dragged the whle audio even to the right by accident. I can not re-create this. It just seems to happen every once in a while. The end seems to get cut off as well, but I can get it back by dragging the end of the event to the right.

Any ideas? The closest thing I can think of is that I use the * key on the numpad to start recording and maybe I sometimes accidentally hit some other hotkey around that area when doing so.

EDIT: Screenshot

Here’s what it looks like. Audio 24 is the track where the problem has occured. As you can see, in the previous tracks the guitar starts playing at the same time, but audio 24 has been pushed back for some reason.

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Hi and welcome to the forum,

Isn’t the shift exactly 1 second by any chance?

There is the Audio Pre-Record Seconds settings in the Preferences > Record > Audio, which is set to 1.0000. This means, Cubase is recording continuously, once the track bacons Record Enable. Once you hit Record, Cubase adds this 1 second ahead. Yo would see the Start Point in the Sample Editor and if you would expand the Audio Event to the left, you should get 1 more second.

I don’t know why, but it to me it looks like the Audio Event becomes extended to the left and you get this 1 second ahead extra.

In any case, it’s not recommended to start your project at It’s recommended to keep 1 or 2 first bars empty.

welcome to the forum. See my post re timing issues in cubase


Could you provide the link, please?

Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the reason. It’s a lot more than one second.