Recorded tracks not appearing in mixdown file

Hi there,

I’m wondering if anybody could help me on this issue…
I am working in Cubase Elements 7, and am working on a previously saved session (.cpr file).
In the saved session are two previously recorded vocal tracks and one instrumental track.
I then added several other harmony tracks, with all my routing outputs set to Master ,as is the standard in my sessions meaning I didn’t change anything to them.

Everything plays back perfectly in Cubase, so I set my locators and go to export the tracks to a mixdown file.
Where previously I would have had the option to selected what tracks I wanted to export now I have one pre-selected, option to export “Master”. It’s the only option and it can’t even be unclicked.
That seems grand so, I know all my files are routed correctly to Mater so I export that down with the right samples rates and everything selected.
I go to play back the exported file in an external program and the only audio on the file is the audio that was in the previously saved session… none of the newly recorded tracks are in the file at all.

I’m not a technological wizard by any stretch but I cannot for the life of me see what is going wrong and at what part of my process it’s happening…

I’ll include some screen shots as files below to show my set up…
I’m hoping someone can help me with this as I am working to a deadline and the worrier in me is starting to panic that I’ve jynxed my system or something.

Thanks in advance for any help…

Laura Elizabeth

Just a thought… If all the tracks are routed properly to a master out track how come I don’t see a “Input/Output Channels”, “Stereo Out” track on your working.jpeg?

Regards. :sunglasses:

I am actually having this problem too. I simply want to create a reverse piano sample so to do this I want to mixdown a MIDI piano instrument and turn it into an audio sample, but the only thing I can export is the Stereo Out! I could do this so easy with Cubase 5 LE, but can’t do it with this! Does anyone know if this feature is limited in Cubase 7 Elements?

I don’t know if the function is limited in CB7 Elements but as a workaround… route your midi track to the stereo out track and do the mixdown to audio. If other tracks are routed to the stereo out just mute the tracks you don’t want to be included in the mixdown. Seems simple but maybe I’m missing something here.

Regards :sunglasses: