Recorded voice no voice is low and without quality

I would like guidance on recording the voice in a way that it is in the front because in my cubase when I record voice the voice is very low in the back even if we increase the volume until it peaks, it hits red, the voice is still low and without quality . All instruments, virtual or physical, are perfect, but the voice does not appear. This has been a big challenge for me.

OlĂĄ, vocĂȘ precisa ajustar os volumes. entĂŁo vocĂȘ precisa usar um ou 2 compressores para colocar os vocais na frente. mas o mais importante Ă© um bom take vocal, onde o compressor faz o seu trabalho de forma mais eficaz

VocĂȘ tambĂ©m deve levar em consideração o nĂ­vel de sinal com o qual vocĂȘ entra no Cubase, o ideal seria picos em -6Db

English Translation:

Hello, you need to adjust the volumes. so you need to use one or 2 compressors to put the vocals in front. but the most important thing is a good vocal take, where the compressor does its job more effectively You should also take into account the signal level you enter Cubase with, ideally peaks at -6Db