recorded w c5

these are some new songs I recorded with c5

Hiya Sean. These are pretty good songs. The vocal tracks are a little subdued, bring em up a few db’s. Your voice is fine :sunglasses: Conversely, it sounded too loud on Doggie Bone :smiley:
Where do you listen to these songs? Get em on in the car, the stereo, MP3 player, PC speakers. When did you last revisit them? Try and leave em for a few days. Listen to em again and make notes of what don’t sound right then fix it :sunglasses:

I remixed my songs using ARC from IK mulitmedia trying to correct my mixing room
I would appreciate any more ideas

There is always room for improvement

This song has great, fun, energy. I gave me that urge to jump up and down like when listening to, “What I like about you” (The Romantics).
Oh yea, and seeing yours and Phil’s avatars next to each other made me laugh.