Recorder Cue Points

Can the Montage import cue points from Sound Devices portable recorders? I believe the audio editor can import them, but I don’t seem them coming up in the montage.

What do you exactly mean?

The Sound Devices portable recorders (model 702) have a feature where you can write cue points into a file while recording. This doesn’t split the file, but acts like a marker. They don’t specify any standard or anything more specific. They open as generic markers in the WL audio editor, but not when importing to the montage.

I can give you a file to download if you want to see it.


Have you tried to save from wav/markers window as XML file
and import into new montage same markers window/dialog,
I think this should work.

regards S-EH

There are two montage functions you could use:

This is great, thanks!