Recording 2.25 beats late....

I have a problem… I try to record midi but it doesn’t record at the exact time I want - it records the notes 2.25 beats late. Auto quantise is off…

I’m trying a new midi keyboard - is that it?

Any Midi offset in the cubase settings? Correct and latest driver for your keyboard installed? Any plugins with latency in the inserts?

Hello and thank you.
How do I check for midi offset? Not sure about driver - a friend did it - I’m technophobic.


This is MIDI issue on Windows, I would say. See this Knowledge Base article, please.

Despite some real effort from the wonderful Martin…A few weeks later… I still have the problem now and then. I have to close Cubase and reopen it to get it to work. I find this so annoying I’m thinking of converting to a Mac - will that make it work?