recording 2 measures ahead

I am having problems with the precount. With the precount on it records 2 bars ahead of schedule and with the precount off it records normally. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I would also like to add that I have a PC with an i5 and I am running cubase 6.5.3.

Are you sure, it really records? Or just move?

You can try to update to Cubase 6.5.4.

It records early. Thanks I will try 6.5.4 and see if that does anything.

Have you just bought Cubase?
If so spend a little more time with the manual. Cubase is not a simple program.

No, I’m not new to Cubase but I am new to this forum. I’ve been working with Steinberg tech through email but I was trying to see if anyone had a similar problem on here.

Do you mean it starts recording two bars ahead of where you expect or that recorded events end up two bars prior to where played?
Sometimes, especially with the latest Cubase versions, it is hard to tell exactly if the precount is on or off. I have that problem with a couple of the other toggle buttons.
It’s got to be something simple as the really odd stuff starts out pretty innocuous until you notice and then it starts annoying you. Not usually as in your face as that.

Yeah, it starts recording two bars ahead of where I expect. For instance say that the cursor is all the way left it still records two bars ahead. It could even be one bar ahead depending on what I set the pre-count to.