Recording 2 tracks simultaneously with Cubase Elements

I am using Boss GT-100 amp processor between guitar and computer to make recordings. It is working fine. Now I want to record sound of my tube amplifier through GT-100 without any effects by GT-100. Is should be possible according to manual. I have correct cabling between the tube amp and GT-100. Manual says:
“GT-100 Ver. 2 provides two USB audio outputs: “PRIMARY” and “SECONDARY.”
Regardless of the settings of the GT-100 Ver. 2 itself, SECONDARY always
outputs the dry sound, and the return from the computer is always returned
to the beginning of the effect chain.
With GT-100 Ver. 2, both PRIMARY and SECONDARY are being output to the
computer; this means that by using two guitar tracks on your computer, you
can record the dry sound and effect sound simultaneously.”

I have added 2 tracks in Cubase, recording both simultaneously. But there is no dry sound, just the sound with effects from GT-100. What settings I should use to get the dry sound out? Using different buses and/or ports for primary and secondary?
I have Cubase Elements 8

Hi and welcome,

Did you Add a new Bus in the Devices > VST Connections > Inputs? You will need to use a dedicated Input bus for every single Audio track, to get different signal.

Thanks for quick response. YEs, I have added two buses, both using same audio device (GT-100 in this case), also using same device ports (primary).


You should set one of the input bus to the secondary port, to get one signal dry and one signal wet.

I got it work! Yes, there needs to be own bus for each input signal. In addition, there needs to be own port for each bus. With same port for both buses does not work.