Recording 8 Channels and Mix to Stereo LIVE or in POST?

I am new DAW for live recording. I have a Macbook Pro (2011) and I “want” to get a METRIC HALO ULN-8. I don’t know if the Halo has this but I want to be able to get a stereo mix from the 8 Channels. Does Wavelab 9 (which I just purchased and still in the box) allow me to record (from Metric Halo 8 into Wavelab via Macbook Pro) 8 channels of individual audio tracks and EITHER during the recording have a stereo mix (or can I record the 8 channels and “hear” a stereo mix). I’m used to having an outboard recorder that allowed me to do this but now I’m wanting to record on the Mac and in Wavelab. Thank you!