Recording a drumkit using multiple mics

Apologies total newbie here, but am looking to (~x8) mic up a live drumkit and record to separate tracks in Cubase. Understand I need a USB interface and am looking at something like Presonus Audiobox 1818VSL. So the dumb question is, do I need a specific DAW to record the individual tracks through the Presonus and then export those into Cubase, or does Cubase recognise the multi input (through VST?) and can map the tracks to each line going in via the interface?

In Cubase, you can easily set up multiple Input Buses for this purpose. Just press F4 and click “Add Bus”.

You can have multiple “Mono Ins”, as well as pair 2 mics/inputs as a “Stereo In” for recording overheads and the room.

First, Presonus Audiobox 1818VSL is discontinued but it looks like the drivers are still being updated, so that’s good. I would be weary purchasing a discontinued product however.
But no, you don’t need another software to record multiple tracks at once. Cubase Pro supports 256 I/O channels.